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cleartarn operates a number of demonstration sites and if you would like us to set up a 'no obligations' site for you to test, please contact us.

Property System.

The cleartarn property system and property portal feed system demonstration site can be found here.

CMS Demonstration System

The cleartarn demonstration Content Management System site can be found here.

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Responsive Website Designs Designed for any screen size!

cleartarn Responsive Website Designs

The increasing variety of screen sizes in use means that it is impossible to optimise a static webpage design layout to suit every single device. Responsive designs remove the need to do this by allowing the page content to be dynamically re-sized to suit the viewing device. In addition to this, as mobile browsers can be detected, content itself can be reconfigured so that simplified screens with easier to use menus etc. can be provided to users. Completely separate sites or Apps can also be presented to mobile users.

To get an idea how this works, if you are using a PC or laptop to access this page, then if you re-size the browser window to make it increasingly narrow then you will see that images rescale and text areas rescale and also move. If you are using a phone or tablet then you can clearly see that the page is a responsive design.

Follow the link to test whether your site has a responsive design. You can enter in any website address and the screen will show representations of how the site would be viewed on mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs.

If your site rescales and presents a useable webpage to users on each of the device sizes then you have a responsive website design. If it doesn't or if the entire webpage is shown on each device size then you probably do not have a responsive design and users are likely to have problems using your site on mobile devices and tablets.

One final check is to see whether the website's slide shows, forms and menus etc. work on mobile devices. Unless they have been designed to do so there are likely to be problems that will need to be rectified by changing code.

For more advice on responsive website design, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.



Updating your website should only involve design changes - not completely new content.



Systems designed to meet your exact business requirements.



Add complex calculations and database lookups for customer products and services.



As your business grows or changes cleartarn websites provide enormous flexibility for change.

Choose a powerful HTML 5 responsive database driven website.

cleartarn brings a personal and cost effective approach to every project we work on, we believe it's why our clients keep coming back.

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