Demonstration Sites

cleartarn operates a number of demonstration sites and if you would like us to set up a 'no obligations' site for you to test, please contact us.

Property System.

The cleartarn property system and property portal feed system demonstration site can be found here.

CMS Demonstration System

The cleartarn demonstration Content Management System site can be found here.

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Free Website Design Advice

Let's start with a conversation. It costs nothing to drop us an email or give us a call. We will happily chat about the types of things you might wish to consider. Of course we would like to sell cleartarn's products and services, but there is no obligation. By giving you impartial advice we hope that you may choose at some point in the future to use our services.

We also understand that assembling the content and choosing the right style for a new website can be difficult tasks. cleartarn aims to make this process as easy and quick as possible whilst ensuring that you get the very best solution for your budget.

Graphic Design

cleartarn works with a number of graphic designers appointed by cleartarn or by its clients. In addition there are literally thousands of template designs which can be purchased very cheaply from the internet and utilised as part of a site design.

Whichever route is most suited to your site, you can be sure that cleartarn will ensure that the style is properly adapted to give the very best results across different browsers versions and including the increasingly important mobile devices.

Page Content

If drafting the written site content is a problem, then cleartarn can plan a detailed structure for your site and help identify the messages you wish to convey. We can then draft the content and implement it on a test site for you to review prior to implementing the live site.

Page Images

Many organisations have ready access to images suitable for their website. However, we have access to a vast selection of stock images which can be utilised on your site to create the perfect look and feel for your organisation.

Search Engines

Besides the work that we do to ensure that your site is optimised for search engines (Search Engine Optimisation), we can also advise on other things which your organisation can do to raise its profile with search engines.



Updating your website should only involve design changes - not completely new content.



Systems designed to meet your exact business requirements.



Add complex calculations and database lookups for customer products and services.



As your business grows or changes cleartarn websites provide enormous flexibility for change.

Choose a powerful HTML 5 responsive database driven website.

cleartarn brings a personal and cost effective approach to every project we work on, we believe it's why our clients keep coming back.

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